Behold! The Alpha and the Omega

Behold! The Alpha and the Omega!

Now available on iTunes, BandCamp, and CD Baby! Listen to Behold! as we venture on our comprehensive journey through a working-class musical voyage.

Our debut album is a barage of punk rock music, combined with hints of metal and industrial. So dance, riot, and sing along!

Download today on BandCamp, or where ever digital music is sold!

Stay tuned for new updates to come!

Behold! is a Chicago-based, politically conscience, progressive punk rock band. The body of the Behold!’s music is created with traditional rock staple-instruments, its heart with unusual electronic effects, and its soul with folk and world-music instrumentation.

Established in early 2004 by Drew Beta and Joe Liber8R, Behold! went through nearly two dozen other members before officially calling it a duo a few months later. After only two weeks from the birth of Behold!, Drew and Joe began work on Behold!'s first demo, "… is Part of the Problem."

The two-piece continued to play shows together for another year when they decided to replace electronic beat machine with Ben, the Behold! sex machine (and drummer). A few months and a few shows later, Joe came across a stunning personality at nerd-theme party, Scribbler. The two got to talking and it turned out that this celery-and-peanut-butter-eating mother fucker was also a guitar player. Joe asked him if he would be willing to play join the band and help to fill out the sounds that went missing after the duo dropped the live backing tracks. After a few more rounds of grape soda, Scribbler agreed.

Fast forward a bit and you'll find that the band went full circle with bass players, with Joe back on the 4-string for 2013 just in time for the release of their debut full length record "The Alpha & the Omega."

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